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Re-Thinking Density to Create Stronger, Healthier Communities

America’s best neighborhoods share some basic characteristics – they are walkable, they include shops, housing and jobs in the same area and they have lots of parks and green space.

The single element that makes all of this possible is the one thing many community residents fear the most – higher density, mixed use development.

But many of those fears disappear when residents see visuals about how higher-density development can transform underused places into strong, vibrant neighborhoods. 

These visually engaging PowerPoint presentations -- created by a unique collaboration between environmentalists and real estate organizations -- shows how density can transform neighborhoods.   They also offer compelling research to allay the conventional fears about density. 

Perfect to present at meetings of planning officials, civic groups (e.g., Rotary Club, Lions Club), neighborhood groups and chambers of commerce.

Two Versions, Two Options:

   * Choose between an two presentations for urban and suburban audiences.
* Choose between a customizable PowerPoint and a narrated DVD.

Select from the files below.
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Suburban Audience Presentation Files

Urban Audience Presentation Files

Companion Publication/Leave Behind: Higher-Density Development: Myth and Fact

Order a Narrated DVD: Click here.

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