Brochure: Creating Successful Communities: A New Housing Paradigm
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NMHC/NAA continue their initiative to overcome the stereotypes about apartments and to educate the public about the many ways apartments can help create more livable communities with a new advocacy brochure titled, Creating Successful Communities: A New Housing Paradigm." 

The 16-page brochure takes on the conventional wisdom about housing preferences and is perfect for use with local planning and zoning boards or to support state and local advocacy efforts. It provides evidence about:

  • Who actually lives in apartments
  • How apartments impact local school systems
  • How apartments reduce traffic congestion
  • Whether apartments cause crime rates to increase
  • Whether homes located near apartments maintain their property values
  • To what degree apartment residents "pay" for the local services they use
  • Whether homeowners really are better citizens than renters 
  • Whether Americans really oppose higher density housing


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