NMHC/NAA Letter to EEOC: Criminal History Checks by Employers

NMHC/NAA’s comments to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) regarding the use of criminal history checks by employers.  The comments urge the EEOC to consider the critical importance of protecting apartment residents, and the compelling need for apartment owners and managers to mitigate potential risks of harm to apartment communities by checking criminal histories of employees and job applicants seeking employment.

NMHC/NAA reminded the EEOC of the importance of sound business practices—including an apartment provider’s ability to consider an applicant’s criminal history—that help to protect public safety and prevent fraud and theft.  We believe the EEOC’s current legal standards for criminal background checks effectively address disparate treatment and disparate impact, and recognize the need for businesses to make informed employment decisions, within the limits of the law.

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