Christie Perry Biography

President, The OnPoint Group


As a co-founder of The OnPoint Group, Ms. Perry brings more than 25 years in real estate investment and corporate executive leadership to the firm.  Her unique approach to acquiring and transitioning distressed real estate into profitable and environmentally sustainable communities is the foundation of The OnPoint Group’s vision and strategy.

Prior to joining The OnPoint  Group, Ms. Perry served as Senior Vice President for a leading subprime mortgage servicing company where she lead the transformation of the business information technology strategy.  Her role involved building a technology organization and rearchitecting mortgage and property management solutions for Investor Services, REO, and Regulatory Control/Monitoring, and Mortgage Insurance.   

In addition to her mortgage servicing experience, Ms. Perry has a history of  investing and managing single and multi-family properties. Foundationally, Ms. Perry is a technologist and entrepreneur.  However, investing in distressed properties, managing all facets of the revitalization process utilizing green strategies and building healthy, safe communities is her life long passion.

Ms. Perry received a Bachelor of Business Administration and Management Information Systems from North Texas State University.  She is a member of the National Apartment Association and participates in activities around the industry.