NMHC Emerging Leaders Missive: One Year In

One year ago this month, NMHC launched our new Emerging Leaders program.  Our goal in creating the program was to help cultivate the next generation of industry leadership.    Specifically, we wanted to:

  • Increase the exposure our member firms’ under-40 set has to NMHC
  • Create new networking opportunities that enable them to meet each other and senior executives in the industry
  • Tap into them to provide fresh new content at NMHC.

At this one year anniversary, we thought it would be appropriate to share a review of what we’ve accomplished so far and what is in store for the future, as well as ways for your Emerging Leaders to get involved.

2011-2012 Accomplishments

I’m happy to report that thanks to the outstanding leadership of the 15 young leaders who comprise the NMHC Emerging Leaders Committee, they have had a terrific first year. 

  • Created a Regional Speakers Series that has drawn young leaders from around the country to hear from Robert Kettler (Kettler), David Schwartz (Waterton Residential), Jerry Fink (The Bascom Group) and in November Sue Ansel (Gables Residential).
  • Hosted more than 250 up-and-comers at our Regional Networking Receptions in Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; Scottsdale, AZ; and Los Angeles, CA.  Importantly, these events are limited to just 60-70 people to allow for high-level networking.
  • Created a special Emerging Leaders Annual Meeting Registration that allowed 116 to attend portions of our biggest and most valuable event of the year.
  • Produced three very well receivedEmerging Leaders Panels at our membership meetings, including “Rent v Buy: The View from the Next Generation,” “The 2012 Investment Outlook: Young Guns Pitch to Senior Leaders” and “Will Social Media Lead or Follow?”  For this month’s meeting, they’ve prepared an excellent panel on the equity markets. 

2012-2013 Goals

Our primary goal is to continue to build our network, to create more regional networks and to build on the rich content created so far with more programming.  We’ll also be welcoming five new members to the Emerging Leaders Committee as the first five rotate off in January. 

How Can Your Emerging Leader(s) Get Involved

NMHC’s Emerging Leader program is open to anyone under 40 employed by a member firm.  Designed to both create new networking opportunities and engage the next generation of multifamily leaders within NMHC, there is no limit to the number of employees a member firm can sign up for the program.

Like other NMHC events, we limit the number of firm participants in select Emerging Leaders networking opportunities and the Speaker Series to ensure these are engaging and valuable to the participants. However, there is no requirement that the same people attend the various events.  In other words, a member firm can have 10 different people in our Emerging Leaders database and a different person from the firm could attend each event. 

We encourage you to have the promising leaders from your company:

  • Sign up for the NMHC Emerging Leaders Database
  • Join the NMHC Emerging Leaders LinkedIn Group

Special Thanks

We also want to add a special thank you to all the firms who have sponsored our 2011-2012 Emerging Leaders events.

  • ARA and HFF
  • The Apartment Guide
  • Holland Partner Group
  • RealPage
  • Riverstone Residential Group

 If you have any questions on the program or are interested in sponsoring a future event, please contact Kim Duty, NMHC’s SVP of Public Affairs and Industry Initiatives, at kduty@nmhc.org or 202/974-2333.