Welcome to the New Look and New Outlook of NMHC

In 1978, a small group of industry legends, including Sam Zell, Preston Butcher, Trammell Crow and others, got together to form an organization to fight rent control.  Since then, the apartment industry has evolved dramatically from its mom-and-pop roots.

In addition, NMHC has grown tremendously.  In size. In scope.  In value.   We've kept the exclusivity of leadership, but expanded beyond advocacy into research, best practices, events and conferences, public relations and high-level networking opportunities.

Nearly 18 months ago, NMHC embarked on a rebuilding initiative to bridge the gap between who we were 36 years ago and what we do today.   

We engaged leading branding firms and reached out to all levels of our membership with surveys, in-depth interviews and workshops to help us maximize all that we do on your behalf -- leading to several changes that you'll notice right away.

  • A small, but important name change:  Our research told us that many in the industry know us as the acronym NMHC, but the name National Multi Housing Council caused some confusion.  What after all is multi housing?  So we slightly modified our name to the National Multifamily Housing Council making it easier for those outside of our industry, such as policymakers, to understand who we are.
  • A new tagline: Our research also showed that we are seen as the leadership of the trillion-dollar apartment industry. We are the place where the prominent owners, managers and developers gather to create individual, organizational and industry success. This lead to the creation of our new tagline: Apartment Leadership Resides Here.

An organization’s brand is more than its logo.  Our branding encompasses everything we say and everything we do.  So in addition to launching our new look and feel, we are also completely revamping the NMHC.org website, launching new newsletters and updating many of the services we provide to better meet your needs.

We are excited about this once-in-a-generation initiative and welcome your feedback. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why the new name? Why the new logo? What else is going to change? Find out here.

NMHC's Brand Mission

We'll be using these brand tenets to evaluate and enhance everything we do.

What Do You Think?

We'd love to hear from you and get your feedback on our rebranding initiative.  Send us an e-mail.