NMHC Emerging Leaders Update: Spring Events, Dave Stockert on Career Journeys

Dave Stockert: View Your Career as a Journey and Embrace the Unexpected Turns Nearly 90 young, industry professionals signed up to attend the latest Emerging Leaders regional networking event, held in Atlanta on Feb. 21. Besides a unique opportunity to connect with other local, under-40 executives, the event also offered attendees a chance to participate in a candid conversation with Post Properties President and CEO David Stockert.

Stockert talked about everything from major turning points in his career to achieving work-life balance. (His advice? Marry someone who imposes that discipline on you. Oh, and invest in a great assistant.)

When asked about some critical times in his career, such as switching disciplines (he’s been an accountant and an investment banker), he said it was important to maintain transparency and a sense of adventure.

His main advice to the industry’s emerging leaders was to “view your career as a journey and embrace the unexpected turns. And if you are ever given an opportunity where you think, ‘I’m not ready for that,’ take it because someone sees something in you.”

He also urged them to lead through transparency. Talking about the Great Recession and the tense moments of 2009, he said that he’s learned that people react better with all the facts. “You would be surprised how much people can actually deal with.”

If you're curious what's on Dave's nightstand, he's currently working his way through "The Quantum Inigma" - When pressed for his favorite book of all time, "A Prayer for Owen Meaney" gets the nod....

More than 150 NMHC firms took advantage of a special registration option allowing them one additional slot at the NMHC Annual Meeting for an up-and-coming Emerging Leader in their company.

The Emerging Leader registrants attended conference sessions and networking receptions where they were able to interact with the industry's leading senior executives.


The conference also featured Emerging Leader-only events, including a Meet & Greet and a special luncheon, to allow them to meet their peers and build their professional networks.

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Busy Spring for Emerging Leaders Regional Speaker Series

NMHC’s Emerging Leaders have several upcoming events around the country in the coming months.
  • May 22 in Chicago– Former Chairman Gary Kachadurian will moderate a panel on leadership insights from some of the industry’s most outspoken executives, including Greg Mutz (AMLI Residential) and Tom Moran (Moran & Company). 
  • June 26 inLos Angeles– Featuring Daryl Carter, CEO of Avanath Capital Management and current NMHC Vice Chairman.

Registration is open to any under-40 employee of an NMHC member firm; however, to create a high-quality networking opportunity, attendance for each event will be limited.

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How Can Your Emerging Leader(s) Get Involved 

NMHC’s Emerging Leader program is open to anyone under 40 employed by a member firm.  Designed to both create new networking opportunities and engage the next generation of multifamily leaders within NMHC, there is no limit to the number of employees a member firm can sign up for the program.

Like other NMHC events, we limit the number of registrations for our networking receptions and Speaker Series events to ensure these are engaging and valuable to the participants. However, there is no requirement that the same people attend the various events.  In other words, a member firm can have 10 different people in our Emerging Leaders database and a different person from the firm could attend each event.

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