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Holland Partners CEO Clyde Holland Highlights Career Signposts at D.C. Event

During a recent Speaker Series event, held in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 19, NMHC Emerging Leader Committee Member Michael Darling of Walker & Dunlop moderated a fireside chat with Clyde Holland, CEO of Holland Partner Group. Before starting Holland Partners in 2000, Clyde served as the West Coast Group Managing Partner for Trammell Crow. Today, his Vancouver-based company is poised to develop more than $2 billion worth of apartment communities in high-demand urban rental markets such as Denver, Los Angeles, Portland and Seattle. 

The conversation explored the many milestones of Holland’s career, from his college years studying marketing and accounting to a real estate career that includes developing or rehabilitating over 25,000 units and is approaching $5 billion in total transaction volume. Read on for his thoughts on some of the more pivotal moments. 

  • A Little Background
    “I’m an Air Force brat,” Holland shared. “We spent a fair amount of time moving. Through the experience of moving a lot, I developed a bit of an extrovert personality—that’s what happens when you move 19 times in 17 years.” 
  • The College Years
    “My early experience working in construction and doing a lot of the work—framing, construction, concrete—it was a motivator to be really focused when I got to college,” he said. “In college, I had a double major in business—marketing and accounting. I figured if I understood accounting and could track a dollar, it would be applicable across any industry.”
  • More on Accounting
    “[After college,] I thought it would be good to be a CPA with one of the big eight [accounting firms],” Holland shared. “But then seven out of 11 of my clients went bankrupt.”

    “I was a chiller,” Holland joked. “No one wanted to work with me and they [the bosses] sent me on all kinds of jobs. It was the best training I could've imagined, but at the time I thought I had died and gone to hell.”
  • Getting into Real Estate
    “I joined Consolidated Capital in 1985, one of the big real estate syndicators. Nine months after I started, there was a REIT collapse. [But] I became a program controller and two-and-a-half years later, I managed almost a billion in real estate and I was 26 yrs old,” he said.
  • Entrée into Trammell Crow
    “Trammell Crow brought me out to the Pacific Northwest; it had six properties under construction,” Holland said. “It was December 1987, and I said, ‘Who is doing the books?’ [Because] I checked the [filing] boxes and they all have June dates on them.’ Dec. 10, 1987, I officially joined Trammel Crow.”
  • What He Learned
    “One time, [company founder] Trammell [Crow] comes to visit and we get everyone together,” Holland recalled. “He gets asked, ‘What's the secret to your success?’ And he says, ‘It's love. Love for your family, your partners, your community.’”

    “I listened to that and bought it hook, line and sinker. He chose good people, loaned them his name and financials and told them go forth and prosper,” explained Holland.
  • A Jumping Off Point
    “The year 1990 was a bust, succeeded by the S&L crisis. It was not dissimilar to what we just went through,” Holland added. “I had managed a team of 80 at the peak, and then eight at the trough. My approach [to managing through the crisis] was this: Find the simplest thing we could do to maximize the value of the asset. I successfully worked out every single project except one.”

    “We really got rolling again in 1996, 1997 and 1998. Then in 2000 came the tech bust,” Holland recounted. “We had pulled back, but it was a bit of a challenged time. … We got to the fall of 2000, the last year I wasn't having a lot of fun. Six weeks later, I wanted to make a change.”
  • The Start of Something New
    “When I left Trammell Crow, we basically negotiated a separation agreement that left everything behind,” Holland said. “Then I started getting phone calls. I got pulled back in the business by people who I had worked with who had needs and recognized that I would put my heart and soul into it so we could be successful.”

    “Today, [my company] employs 725 people, operates in five regions and includes a development company and management company,” said Holland. “It’s been fun to rebuild the band and find the best individuals who have improved over time.”
  • What Makes His Company Different
    “We are the only firm with profit sharing, top to bottom,” Holland said proudly. “We had our first big payday in 2005. That was fun. We had maids and janitors and other employees who were making $20,000 a year, and they got checks for $5,000. You wouldn't imagine the response we got.” “My operating philosophy: Build a great business, hire great people, give a great customer experience and have fun,” he said.
  • On the Future of the Industry
    “I think this cycle is going to get extended for a while,” Holland said. “There's no value in suburbia. If you separate out the ‘need renters,’ the people who rent apartments can also afford [to buy] a home. [But] they don't want to lose money on a home.”

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Coming to OpTech? Stay for the Speaker Series Featuring Stacy Hunt (Dallas, November 13)  

Our last speaker series of the year will be held in conjunction with NMHC’s annual Business Operations and Technology (OpTech) Conference and Exposition.

If you are coming to Dallas for the Conference, or even if you aren’t, join us for a one-on-one chat with Stacy Hunt, Executive Director of Greystar’s Management Company and a member of the Operating Committee for Greystar Real Estate Partners.

Stacy helped build the firm's management portfolio through the opening of regional offices in Arizona, Florida and additional offices in Texas.

We’ll talk to Stacy about the leadership roles he’s had in various industry organizations, why he continues to base his approach to apartment management on personal contact in today’s digital world and his advice to those looking to become the next generation of industry leadership.  

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 NMHC Annual Meeting: Special Emerging Leaders Registration

NMHC will once again offer a special Emerging Leader registration option for our 2014 Annual Meeting, January 21-23 in Boca Raton, FL.

This special registration allows member firms to send one young leader who might not otherwise be able to attend given the existing meeting registration caps. Unlike prior years, this year’s Emerging Leader registrants will have access to the entire meeting, including a special reception the first night.

To qualify, attendees must be under 40 and have at least five years of industry experience. Because of space limitations, however, only 200 Emerging Leader registration spots are available, and they are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How Can Your Emerging Leader(s) Get Involved?

NMHC’s Emerging Leader program is open to anyone under 40 employed by a member firm. Designed to both create new networking opportunities and engage the next generation of multifamily leaders within NMHC, there is no limit to the number of employees a member firm can sign up for the program.

Like other NMHC events, we limit the number of registrations for our networking receptions and Speaker Series events to ensure these are engaging and valuable to the participants. However, there is no requirement that the same people attend the various events. In other words, a member firm can have 10 different people in our Emerging Leaders database and a different person from the firm could attend each event.We encourage you to have the promising leaders from your company:

  • Sign upfor the NMHC Emerging Leaders Database
  • Join the NMHC Emerging Leaders LinkedIn Group