About MITS

Welcome to the Multifamily Information and Transactions Standard (MITS) web site. MITS is an industry-wide effort by the apartment sector to develop common data standards and extensible mark-up language (XML) protocol to facilitate data and systems integration. The MITS standards are freely available as an industry resource. MITS is funded and sponsored by a broad group of industry firms and is supported by the National Multifamily Housing Council. Participation is welcomed and encouraged by all interested parties. A listing of the MITS member firms can be found at the MITS Sponsor page.  MITS acknowledges the added support of their industry outreach partner the National Apartment Association

MITS Background

MITS was founded in 2002 to address the need for a single set of multifamily housing industry data standards.  Through a collaborative, volunteer process, MITS creates universal, open data standards and extensible mark-up language (XML) architecture to enhance and support the development of systems solutions for the apartment industry. Due to the wide variety of information that must be exchanged among multifamily firms, technology vendors and providers, owners, managers, investors, consumers, and other audiences, a single data standard is key to enabling these firms to improve their operations and reduce their costs by making systems integration and data exchange technologies more effective and efficient. What makes the MITS Initiative unique—and important—is that it is the only data and systems standards initiative that is focused exclusively on the multifamily sector. 

With new technologies being developed to automate all aspects of our business, incompatible data standards are inhibiting the integration process.  At the same time, the industry and the public are demanding more accurate and timely information.   Modernization and increasing sophistication are inevitable for apartment owners, but it will be more costly for firms to change as long as data standards remain fragmented and systems cannot communicate with each other. The development of one set of industry standards enables the industry to exchange information more efficiently and economically.  MITS substantially improves industry productivity by materially reducing the need for time-intensive, error-prone manual input and correction of data transmitted between sources.  As the industry adopts the MITS standards, it will not only be apartment owners who benefit; residents, too, will enjoy superior customer service.

The MITS initiative is open to all interested firms and individuals.  A collaborative effort of the apartment industry, MITS is funded by contributions from over 30 firms. Membership and participation in the MITS Initiative is a valuable investment of both time and financial resources for all parties involved.  For such a small investment, the potential returns of investing in MITS are enormous, as shown by those firms who have embraced the early standards.  Current MITS members include representatives from apartment firms, management companies, systems providers, credit and resident screening companies, Internet service providers, consultants, and others. 

MITS Members’ Role, Dues

The MITS Initiative is intended to be self-funded and managed by apartment companies and technology providers.  There is a committee of all members that is referred to as the MITS Working Group.  (See organizational chart above.)  It is comprised of representatives of sponsoring member firms.  The MITS Working Group is a collective group of participants engaged in the development of the data standards and systems architecture through committee participation.  Currently there are over 30 member companies that are sponsoring the initiative and membership is increasing as more and more firms are using the standards and requiring their vendors to be MITS compliant.

The MITS Working Group members participate on various, and often multiple, committees.  Each contributes to the standards development and its ongoing maintenance as well making an annual financial contribution to fund the Initiative. 

The initial new member fee is currently $1,000 per organization for the first year of membership. MITS reserves the right to bill an organization on a calendar year basis, and may pro-rate the applicable fees based on the calendar year billing cycle as appropriate.


National Multifamily Housing Council’s (NMHC) role in the MITS initiative is to provide staff resources and serve as the host for the MITS Initiative effort.  The Council will provide the institutional structure for the development and ongoing maintenance of the MITS project by hosting the Working Group's meetings, and managing and coordinating its activities.  NMHC will also work to broaden industry awareness of the effort.  While NMHC has provided the initial resources required to kick off this effort, the MITS project will require additional financial support.  The MITS Working Group, which oversees the development of the data standard and systems architecture, is composed of a large number of firms throughout the multifamily housing industry.  The MITS Working Group members are expected to contribute to the standards development and ongoing maintenance, and to contribute financially to support the MITS Initiative through the payment of dues.