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NMHC/NAA Joint Legislative Program

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The National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) and the National Apartment Association (NAA) unite under the auspices of the NMHC/NAA Joint Legislative Program to support legislative and regulatory policies that enable the apartment industry to provide high quality, affordable and accessible homes to the nation's 32 million renter households.

The NMHC/NAA Joint Legislative Program, which is the foremost proponent of the apartment industry, assures that owners and managers of multifamily rental units are able to engage government officials in constructive, ongoing dialogues and participate in policy decisions affecting their ability to provide housing to millions of Americans.

Our industry's most prominent leaders play an integral role in shaping the agenda for the Joint Legislative Committee and staff, resulting in a finely honed strategy for interacting with Congress, federal agencies and others to advance policies that strengthen professionally managed rental housing.

Multifamily housing has been one the premier performers in the real estate market during the last several years. And a healthy supply and demand balance bodes well for apartments' future performance. The Joint Legislative Program will remain in the vanguard of this success and rigorously represents the industry's interests in the ongoing debate over the federal government's role in supporting multifamily rental housing.


The National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) represents the interests of the larger and most prominent firms in the multifamily rental housing industry. NMHC's members are the principal officers of these organizations and are engaged in all aspects of the development and operation of rental housing, including the ownership, construction, finance and management of such properties.

With a focused agenda and the benefit of a membership comprised of the principal officers of the top residential real estate firms in the country, NMHC has become a nationally recognized and increasingly sought-out voice of the multifamily industry.

NMHC targets issues involving multifamily finance, environmental affairs, tax policy, fair housing and rent control.


The National Apartment Association (NAA) is a federation of more than 170 state and local associations throughout the United States and Canada. Together, we represent more than 32,441 members and 5 million apartment homes. NAA is a leading advocate for quality rental housing with members representing multifamily builders, owners, developers, managers, leasing consultants, service technicians and suppliers. NAA provides industry professionals with a wealth of information through advocacy, research, technology, education, strategic partnerships and an ever-growing membership base.

In addition to the Joint Legislative Program with NMHC, NAA’s State and Local Policy Department monitors and reports state and local legislative activity, conducts research, and provides statistics and information from numerous resources. NAA also plays a key role in educating multifamily housing professionals nationwide through our six nationally recognized certification programs, and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and information, strategic partnerships and long-lasting friendships at three annual conferences.

 Joint Legislative Staff

Cindy V. Chetti, Senior Vice President for Government Affairs
      cchetti@nmhc.org; 202/974-2328

Kimberly D. DutySenior Vice President of Public Affairs and Industry Initiatives
      kduty@nmhc.org; 202/974-2333

Mark H. Obrinsky, Senior Vice President of Research and Chief Economist
      mobrinsky@nmhc.org; 202/974-2329

Betsy Feigin Befus, General Counsel
      ebefus@nmhc.org; 202/974-2339

Matthew Berger,
Vice President of Tax
      mberger@nmhc.org; 202/974-2362

Lisa Blackwell
, Vice President, Housing Policy
      lblackwell@nmhc.org; 202/974-2365

David Cardwell
, Vice President of Capital Markets
      dcardwell@nmhc.org; 202/974-2336

Jeanne McGlynn Delgado
, Vice President of Business and Risk Management Policy
      jdelgado@nmhc.org; 202/974-2344 

Eileen C. Lee
, Vice President, Environment
      elee@nmhc.org; 202/974-2326

Ronald G. Nickson
, Vice President, Building Codes
      rnickson@nmhc.org; 202/974-2327

Paula Cino
, Senior Director of Energy and Environment
      pcino@nmhc.org; 202/974-2345

Lisa Costello, Vice President of Political Affairs
      lcostello@nmhc.org; 202/974-2325

Jim Lapides, Vice President of Strategic Communications
      jlapides@nmhc.org, 202/974-2360

Kimble Ratliff, Director of Government Affairs
      kratliff@nmhc.org, 202/974-2373

Sarah Yaussi, Vice President of Industry Communications
      syaussi@nmhc.org; 202/974-2349

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NMHC/NAA 2013 Policy Agenda

2013 Apartment Industry Policy Agenda

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