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Video Resources

  • Video: Diversity Has to Start at the Board Level
    Bill Ferguson, Chairman & CEO of Ferguson Partners Ltd., on why building diversity within a company requires starting with the Board of Directors and has to flow through the company. He also discusses where to find diversity candidates. (April 2011)
  • Video: Attracting a More Diverse Talent Pool to Real Estate
    Panelists discuss strategies for competing with other industries for a diverse talent attracting more diverse employees, including looking beyond the top-tier schools and communicating the changing, long-term nature of the real estate industry. (April 2011)
  • Video: Developing and Retaining Diverse Candidates
    Bill Ferguson, Chairman & CEO of Ferguson Partners Ltd, and Daryl Carter, CEO of Avanath Capital Partners, discuss extra steps firms need to take to retain diverse candidates who often have other career choices and the importance of mentorship to help employees overcome inevitable obstacles. (April 2011)
  • Video: Building a Culture of Trust/Flexibility to Support Working Women
    Julie Smith, President of Bozzuto Management Company, and Ric Campo, CEO of Camden Property Trust, on changing mindsets to create a culture based on trust and flexibility to accommodate the special needs of working woman in a way that serves both the employee and the firm. (April 2011)

General Resources

  • Real Estate Associate Program (REAP)
    REAP is an industry-backed, market-driven program that finds and trains career-changing minority professionals for positions in commercial real estate, through education, networking, and on-the-job training with leading firms.