Advocacy Tools

"Apartments: We Live Here" PR Campaign

NMHC/NAA unveiled a new integrated public relations campaign titled “Apartments. We Live Here.” This first-ever pro-apartment PR campaign reflects 18 months of work and is designed tell policymakers the story about how in communities across the country, apartments work—helping people live in a home that’s right for them.

Read about the campaign here.

PR/Rental Housing Advocacy Tools for Practitioners

Promoting rental housing as a desirable alternative to consumers and policy makers is one of NMHC's primary missions.  We have created a variety of tools to help apartment firms spread the word.

They include brochures, customizeable PowerPoint presentations, ad campaigns, white papers, research and more covering these main categories: 

  • Pro-Apartment Advertising Campaign
  • Rent versus Buy Materials
  • Anti-NIMBYism/Barriers to Development Tools
  • Balanced Housing Policy Advocacy Tools

Find them here.

Apartment Myths

There are many myths associated with apartments, ranging from who lives in them to how they affect nearby property values and schools to whether it's smarter to rent or own. 

We have compiled NMHC and third-party research to refute the most popular myths:

  • Reality: Renting v. Owning
  • Reality: Apartments and Property Values
  • Reality: Owners Are Not Better Citizens
  • Reality: Apartments and Traffic
  • Reality: Apartments and School Overcrowding
  • Reality: Apartments and Crime Rates
  • Reality: Universal Homeownership  
  • Reality: Apartment Residents and Property Taxes
  • Reality: The Desirability of Compact Development

Resources to Overcome NIMBY Opposition

In addition to the NMHC-produced advocacy tools apartment firms can use to overcome opposition to apartment development, this online resource directory also includes a variety of valuable third-party tools and research.