Renting versus Owning? Making an Educated Decision

“You need to buy a house.”  How many times have you heard that?  

Every year, thousands of Americans jump into homeownership for the wrong reason, usually pressure from friends or family.  It turns out a lot of them could actually save money by renting. 

This online resource center will help you make an educated decision about your housing choice.   There are many good reasons to buy a house, but most of them are not financial.  The investment potential and the tax savings associated with homeownership are often overstated, while the costs of ownership are frequently understated.

But don't just take our word for it, find out why SmartMoney says "Why Rent? To Get Richer."

Oh, and don't trust all those rent-versus-buy calculators you find on the Internet.  Research shows most are seriously flawed.

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Concerned About Apartments in Your Neighborhood?

You don't need to be.  Research shows that apartments are more environmentally friendly, help create thriving live/work/play neighborhoods, can help reduce taxes by concentrating public services and aren't a threat to property values, schools or crime rates.

Learn more with these resources

  • Apartment Myths
    Articles and research refuting the most common myths about apartments (property values, crime, traffic, school overcrowding, etc) and the people who live in them.
  • Higher-Density Development: Myth and Fact
    New publication by ULI, NMHC and the Sierra Club that debunks eight widespread misconceptions about higher-density development.  Perfect for combating opposition to new apartment development.
  • Free PowerPoint: Re-Thinking Density
    Visually compelling PowerPoint presentation that makes the case for higher-density development and rebuts common myths and fears associated with density.  Collaborative effort by NMHC, the Sierra Club and the Urban Land Institute.  (May 2005)

Your Best Start to Renting Smart: Rent From the Pros

Your best defense against the “shadow” rental market is what NMHC calls the “professional advantage.”   This consumer-friendly brochure, Your Best Start to Renting Smart: Rent From the Pros, makes the case for you. 

Don't Buy The Myths: Renting Can Be A Smart Investment

Learn the common financial misunderstandings about the rent versus buy decision and why many financial planners now recommend renting over owning.