Apartment Myths

There are many myths associated with apartments, ranging from who lives in them to how they affect nearby property values and schools to whether it's smarter to rent or own.

We have compiled NMHC and third-party research to refute the most popular myths:

  • RealityRenting Is Not Throwing Your Money Away

  • RealityApartments Don't Decrease Property Values

  • RealityOwners Are Not Better Citizens/Neighbors

  • RealityApartments Don't Increase Traffic Congestion

  • RealityApartments Don't Overburden Schools

  • RealityUniversal Homeownership Is Not a Good Thing 

  • RealityApartment Residents Do Pay Property Taxes

  • RealityApartments Don't Increase Crime Rates

  • Reality: Americans Do Want Compact Development