Green Practices/Sustainability

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Apartments are the core of any sustainability strategy.  They are more resource- and energy-efficient than other types of residential development because their concentrated infrastructure conserves materials and community services. As part of an infill or mixed-use development, apartments create communities where people live, work, and play with less dependence on cars. This reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and their carbon emissions.

Through the NMHC Sustainability Committee, the Council is advancing industry best practices; working with lawmakers to adopt voluntary and incentive-based energy policy; and developing and promoting standards to help firms market their sustainability quotient.

This online resource is designed to help apartment developers and managers build and operate more sustainable properties and to help policymakers craft effective energy efficiency goals.

Tools for Property Owners and Developers

Green Building and Energy Policy

Resources for practitioners and policymakers at all levels to help advance sustainable development.  Includes related research, toolkits, policy monographs and more. 

Green Building and Climate Change Research

National research on the cost of buliding green, the feasibility of meeting and exceeding existing energy codes, the importance of compance development as a weapon against climate change and more.

Latest News

  • News summaries on energy incentives and climate change legislation from NMHC's Update newsletter.
  • NMHC Sustainability Initiative: Reviews NMHC's efforts to help apartment firms find the place where smart money and the environment live in harmony.