Every day elected officials make decisions that affect the apartment industry and the jobs it supports. NMHC PAC ensures the multifamily industry can have a direct impact on the policies that affect us.

  • About the NMHC PAC

    NMHC PAC is the premiere fund aggressively pursuing the election and re-election of federal officials who understand and support our industry.  

  • Stakes are High – Get Involved

    Join your colleagues who have decided that NMHC PAC is the best investment they can make to protect their bottom line and ensure continued success. Major donors receive additional benefits and recognition.

  • Advocacy Efforts

    From housing finance reform to tax policy to cybersecurity, policy choices made in DC have a direct impact on how you operate and how successful you can be. Find out how NMHC PAC is protecting you.

  • 2017 Contributors & Disbursements

    NMHC PAC is bipartisan and supports candidates who understand and support our issues. Find out who has contributed and who we have supported with those donations.

  • Stay Informed

    NMHC PAC contributors have access to a wide variety of resources and tools to stay informed.