On-Campus Housing Costs: More than Meets the Eye
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The National Multifamily Housing Council launched a student housing initiative in 2004. A key element of that effort – to produce original research that helps apartment firms better understand the dynamics of this sector. This is the sixth in that series; it examines the costs of on-campus housing at 181 universities. These universities are from various locales across the country and range from big cities to small towns.


This report includes a profile of each of the 181 universities we researched. Each profile contains current enrollment, basic demographic data for the locality (from the 2000 Census) and baseline price data and billing practices.

In addition, we have included the university’s “housing” web site where more detailed information is available. These profiles can serve as a useful benchmark and reference guide for anyone seeking to build, buy, sell, or invest in either on- or off-campus housing in these markets.

The original goal for this research was to analyze rent growth trends in on-campus housing and examine their impact on private student housing. Operating under the assumption that university pricing for dormitories was straightforward, we planned to collect data on the least expensive and most expensive.

As we began our research, however, we discovered precisely how complex student housing and meal pricing has become. Gone are the days when students were simply assigned either a single or double, were billed by the year or the semester and couldchoose from just a few meal plans.

Here is what we found:

  • Housing Options Are Much More Diverse.
  • Pricing is More Complex.
  • Billing Practices Vary.
  • Meal Plan Requirements Vary.
  • Pricing Policies Change.

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