Mold O & M Plan
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NMHC has published an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plan for Mold and Moisture Control. The document identifies "best practices" and concrete steps apartment owners and managers can use to manage mold growth and moisture problems on their properties.

The plan specifically covers:

  • training;
  • routine maintenance procedures that can help prevent mold;
  • recommended remediation and clean-up procedures;
  • guidance on the appropriate documentation to retain to minimize liability from potential mold claims; and
  • a suggested communications plan to educate residents about mold.

Numerous sample forms are provided, including:

  • a sample checklist to use when inspecting for mold/moisture damage;
  • a sample mold incident tracking log;
  • a sample lease provision and addendum;
  • a resident tip sheet on mold, identifying how residents can help prevent mold damage; and
  • a list of materials and equipment needed to deal with water intrusion/mold.

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Eileen Lee