Off-Campus Student Housing: 2011 Income and Expense Benchmarking Survey

Off-Campus Student Housing: 2011 Income and Expense Benchmarking Survey

  • For years, off-campus student housing lenders and investors have been challenged by a relative lack of industry data. While there are income and expense surveys for the broader conventional apartment market, until 2010, when NMHC decided to gather data and publish the first “Off-Campus Student Housing Income and Expense Benchmarking Survey,” there were none for the student housing sector. That report, which was especially welcomed by lenders and investors, showed relevant data on a national basis.

    The 2011 survey updates and expands on that effort. It compiles data from 29 companies in 32 states covering 341 properties comprised of 74,464 units with 195,923 beds. As a result of the broader data set, national results are supplemented with regional results as well as state-level data for Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio and Texas.

    It offers data on total operating expenses and the following key expense line items:Total Operating Expenses; Compensation (Wages and Benefits); Maintenance and Repairs; Taxes (Property and Tax Fees); Insurance; Marketing; Turnover; and Utilities.  Net rental income and late fee income are also included.
    The results are shown both in absolute dollar figures per bed as well as a percent of net rental income. Where sufficient data was available, it is also broken out further by:type of lease: by-the-bed and by-the-unit; type of property: garden or mid-rise; and age of property: 2003-present; 1998-2002; 1997 and before.
    In each of the tables we show the 10th, 50th and 90th percentile results as well as the average. In the case of expenses, the 10th percentile represents the lower cost of a line item and the 90th percentile the higher range. In the case of late fee income, the 90th percentile is the upper range for that income item.

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