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Rent vs. Own:

Rent vs. Own

Consumer Information

  • Brochure: Your Best Start to Renting Smart: Rent From the Pros
    The perfect addition to your leasing information packet, this brochure promotes the financial benefits of renting, warns renters of the risks of renting from a private individual and highlights the benefits of choosing a professionally managed apartment. (August 2008)

What Others Are Saying: Why Renting Makes Sense

Apartment Owner Resources

Housing Policy: Why Too Much Homeownership is Bad

  • Apartment Myths
    Articles and research refuting the most common myths about apartments and the people who live in them.

Don't Buy The Myths: Renting Can Be A Smart Investment

Do you know the most common financial misunderstandings about owning a house?  This brochure offers a series of "reality checks" for would-be buyers. 

Your Best Start to Renting Smart: Rent From the Pros

Thousands of renters across the country have found themselves at risk for losing losing their lease, losing their security deposit and having to move on short notice because they rented a house or condo that went into foreclosure. 

Find out how to protect yourself with this consumer brochure.