Every day elected officials make decisions that affect  the apartment industry and the jobs it supports. NMHC PAC ensures the multifamily industry can have a direct impact on the policies that affect us.

From housing finance reform to tax policy to fair housing and energy and environmental regulations, policy choices made in Washington have a direct impact on how you operate your company and how successful you can be.

NMHC PAC is the premier fund aggressively pursuing the election and re-election of elected officials who work to improve, preserve and promote the multifamily industry.  Since its inception in 1980, NMHC PAC has worked to ensure the multifamily industry speaks as a unified voice in Washington for you and the industry. NMHC PAC has grown in prominence.  NMHC has been a consistent leader in the real estate industry ranking in the top 3 in money raised and dispersed.  

NMHC PAC Is Bipartisan

NMHC PAC is completely independent and bipartisan. Candidates who receive financial support are evaluated on their merits and understanding of issues important to the apartment industry. Personal, voluntary contributions from eligible NMHC members are pooled to support industry-friendly candidates.

By combining your voice with thousands of others, NMHC PAC gives you far greater impact in the process than you would have acting alone. Because all of NMHC PAC’s administrative expenses are paid by NMHC, every dollar you give goes directly to candidates who support our industry. Learn More Here.

"NMHC PAC has been essential in addressing legislative matters affecting our industry: housing finance reform, tax policy, energy and environmental regulations...all issues that could cost the industry billions of dollars. NMHC's voice in Washington is vital to ensure the multifamily industry has a seat at the table when it comes to policies that directly impact us."

     - PAC Chairman, David Schwartz, Waterton Associates