U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

NMHC/NAA members participated in HUD’s inaugural listening session regarding the Housing Choice Voucher program (HCV) this week. NMHC/NAA have long-argued that the housing choice voucher program could be one of the nation’s most effective affordable housing and community development tools if the program’s various inefficiencies, onerous regulatory requirements, and flawed funding are addressed.

HUD’s listening session tour is a result of the recently created task force to encourage property owners and managers to participate in the housing vouchers program. Ahead of the listening session tour, HUD released two new studies that revealed the HCV program is widely unaccepted by landlords – although it is the nation’s largest rental subsidy program.

Daryl Carter, chairman and CEO of Avanath Capital Management and a former Chairman of NMHC, was one of the real estate leaders invited to take part in HUD’s recent listening session – which took place on September 20 in Washington, D.C. Carter’s company, Avanath Capital Management, is a California-based investment firm focused on workforce housing and affordable multifamily properties. “My role as a landlord is to make sure my tenants have a very quality home to live in, and that’s my first priority,” Carter explained during the session. Throughout the session, Carter referenced his experience with the program, provided insights regarding possible improvements and solutions, and reinforced the existing and growing need for affordable housing.

Additional listening sessions will be held in Philadelphia, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Salt Lake City and Salem, Oregon over the coming months.

“These listening sessions provide an invaluable opportunity for the multifamily industry to give feedback to the administration regarding the opportunities and potential the HCV program holds if it can be properly administered,” said NMHC’s Vice President of Government Affairs Kimble Ratliff.

NMHC/NAA encourage members to get involved in these forums. For more information about how to take part, please contact Kimble Ratliff at kratliff@nmhc.org.