While most Avian flu cases are currently centered in Southeast Asia, the global nature of our society means that if the Avian flu becomes fully adapted to human-to-human transmission, it is expected to spread around the world within several weeks.  

Federal officials have indicated that in the event of a pandemic flu, they will not establish national public health and safety guidelines to manage and treat the outbreak.  Instead, local authorities will make these decisions based on individual community needs.  As a result, federal officials have urged private sector firms to develop, and to routinely review, individualized disaster and business continuity plans.    

This white paper outlines steps that apartment firms can take to prepare for a possible pandemic flu outbreak. 

It provides an update on the status of the avian flu, in-formation on developing an emergency preparedness program, flu-specific elements of continuity plans and site controls, apartment-specific concerns, legal issues.  It also includes a resource guide with links to valuable information on disaster planning, crisis communications and more. 

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