Boston Apartment Advisors

Address: PO Box 1065, Newburyport, MA, 01950
Contact Name: James Pennington
Contact Phone Number: 617-733-1833 

Geographic Areas Covered (please specify which states/metro areas): Boston Metro (Including Southern New Hampshire, Southern Maine, and Rhode Island)

Brief Description of Company and Services:
Boston Apartment Advisors provides essential data, analysis, and tools for apartment investment.  Boston Apartment Advisors has applied its diversified real estate investment expertise around the United States since 2009.

Current and Historical Estimates Available:
Number of ApartmentsYes
Occupancy RatesYes
Absorption RatesYes
Turnover RatesNo
Concessions (both the value and % of gross rents, plus type)Yes
Gross Unit Rents and Effective RentsYes
Rent per Square Foot (Gross and Effective)Yes
Units Planned/Under DevelopmentYes
Resident DemographicsYes
Sales PricesYes
Cap RatesNo
Forecasts Available:
Occupancy RatesYes
Rent Growth (Effective Rent)Yes
Apartment Demand (Absorption)Yes
Units Planned/Under DevelopmentYes
Sales PricesNo
Cap RatesNo
Data Method Collection Information:
Property Types Tracked:All rentals
Total Units Tracked:Over 300,0000
Total Properties Tracked:Over 2,000
Frequency of Data Collection:Monthly
Method of Data Collection:Various methods
Quality Assurance Method:Various methods
Public Data Sources Used:Various Sources

Note: Firms on the above list provide either data or analysis, or both.