Real Data

Address: 407 East Blvd, Suite 100, Charlotte, NC 28203
Contact Name: Charles Dalton       
Contact Phone Number: 704-369-2345

Geographic Areas Covered : NC, SC, TN, VA, FL

Brief Description of Company and Services: Real Data publishes detailed semi-annual market reports for 21 MSAs in the southeast.  Reports include historical data and forecasts on occupancy, rents, development pipeline and demand broken down by submarkets, class, type, and community age.  As well as, details on every apartment community including floorplans, amenities, rents, occupancy, sales, ownership and management.

Current and Historical Estimates Available:
Number of ApartmentsYes
Occupancy RatesYes
Absorption RatesYes
Turnover RatesYes
Concessions (both the value and % of gross rents, plus type)Yes
Gross Unit Rents and Effective RentsYes
Rent per Square Foot (Gross and Effective)Yes
Units Planned/Under DevelopmentYes
Resident DemographicsYes
Sales PricesYes
Cap RatesNo
Forecasts Available:
Occupancy RatesYes
Rent Growth (Effective Rent)Yes
Apartment Demand (Absorption)Yes
Units Planned/Under DevelopmentYes
Sales PricesNo
Cap RatesNo
Data Method Collection Information:
Property Types Tracked:Market rate, affordable, student-oriented
Total Units Tracked:1,250,000+-
Total Properties Tracked:5,000+-
Frequency of Data Collection:Semi-annual
Method of Data Collection:100% of market areas surveyed by telephone 
Quality Assurance Method: 
Public Data Sources Used: 

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