RealData, Inc.

Address: 3852 N. 15th Ave Phoenix, AZ 85015
Contact Name: Joe Levee
Contact Phone Number: 602/789-1223
Fax: 602/870-8833

Geographic Areas Covered: Arizona - Phoenix Metro, Tucson, Colorado - Denver, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs
Washington - Seattle (King/Snohomish), Tacoma (Pierce, Kitsap, Thurston)

Current and Historical Estimates Available:
Number of ApartmentsYes
Occupancy RatesYes
Absorption RatesYes
Turnover RatesNo
Concessions (both the value and % of gross rents, plus type)Yes
Gross Unit Rents and Effective RentsYes
Rent per Square Foot (Gross and Effective)Yes
Units Planned/Under DevelopmentYes
Resident DemographicsNo
Sales PricesYes
Cap RatesNo
Forecasts Available:
Occupancy RatesNo
Rent Growth (Effective Rent)No
Apartment Demand (Absorption)No
Units Planned/Under DevelopmentYes
Sales PricesNo
Cap RatesNo
Data Method Collection Information:
Property Types Tracked:Conventional, Subsidized, Student & senior Housing
Total Units Tracked:853,423
Total Properties Tracked:4,892
Frequency of Data Collection:Quarterly
Method of Data Collection:Telephone, e-mailed survey forms
Quality Assurance Method:3 levels
Public Data Sources Used:Yes

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