Tax Committee and Subcommittees
The Tax Committee addresses legislative, regulatory and judicial tax developments that impact the apartment industry.  It evaluates policy options and strategies related to NMHC’s advocacy efforts.

NMHC Contact: Matthew Berger,, 202/974-2362

Chair: Tom Moran, Moran and Company

Vice Chair: Rick Hurd, Waterton Residential


CJ Aberin,  KBKG
Jeff Brodsky, Related Management Company LP
Richard Burns, The NHP Foundation
Janet Charlton, National Foundation for Affordable Housing Solutions, Inc.
Larry Curtis, Winn Companies
Gina Dingman, GDCRE, Inc.
Justine Kime, RETC, LP
David Martinez, RETC, LP
Tim L. Myers, Allied Realty Services, Ltd.
Pal Ottesen, Avenue5
Gian Pazzia, KBKG, Inc.
Tom Persons, Piedmont Properties Group

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