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Changing lifestyles and changing demographics are fueling dynamic changes in America’s housing preferences.  Millennials seek vibrant work/life/entertainment districts.  It turns out a lot of Baby Boomers do too (they just want a bit more space).  Americans in general increasingly appreciate the value of mobility (freedom to pursue job opportunities in other areas) and convenience (the ultimate amenity in today’s 247 lifestyle).

NMHC/NAA’s latest ad campaign challenges the conventional wisdom of who rents and why in a fun and quirky way.

  • Baristas live in them, so do Bean Counters
  • Liberals live in them, so do Conservatives (but in a different wing)
  • Authorrs call them home, as to Proofreaders
  • Internists live in them, as do Interns
  • Ballerinas call them home, as do their Podiatrists

See the full campaign at

Note, these ads are freely available in camera-ready format for local PR use.